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The PKS Faction Rejects the Arrival of the U-20 Israel National Team, There is No Place for Colonial Countries in Indonesia!


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Jakarta (13/03) — The chairman of the PKS faction Jazuli Juwaini emphasized the position of the PKS DPR faction which openly rejected the planned arrival of the U-20 Israel National Team which is scheduled to compete in Indonesia as host of the U-20 World Cup.

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The PKS faction requested that the Government and PSSI also reject the arrival of the U-20 Israel National Team. Moreover, the widespread rejection was voiced by various elements of the nation, starting from mass organizations such as the MUI, Muhammadiyah, and DDII to the DPR.

“The Indonesian government and the PSSI national football federation should have rejected the Israeli contingent with rational and objective arguments. We can clearly say that Indonesia rejects the presence of a colonial state in the sovereign territory of the Republic of Indonesia as mandated by the 1945 Constitution, mandated by the Asian-African Conference, and legislated attitude RI since the time of Bung Karno,” said Jazuli.

According to the Member of Commission I of the DPR, Indonesia’s firm stance on rejecting all forms of relations and cooperative activities with Israel must always be echoed by Indonesia in any forum. There is no place for an occupying state that kills the Palestinian people and confiscates their land.

“Israel’s barbarism should receive a commensurate response from the international world, especially Indonesia, which stands with the Palestinian nation. What is the use of our diplomacy to defend the humanity and independence of the Palestinian nation if we sweetly accept their sports contingent in our country?,” said Jazuli.

“Occupation in the world must be abolished because it is not by humanity and justice”, said the opening of the 1945 Constitution which the Indonesian people knew very well. Then in various forums, both the government, parliament, and elements of civil society spoke out loudly in defending the Palestinian people by saying “Palestine has always been in the hearts of the Indonesian people, in the heart of Indonesian diplomacy, and so on.”

“Isn’t it a betrayal of the constitutional mandate and our common struggle so far if we open cooperation with the state of Israel, including in sports? We must firmly say, Israel does not feel that it has the right to accept the nations of the world, while they kill and take away their rights every day. The foundation of the Palestinian nation,” he stressed.

Therefore, continued Jazuli, the PKS faction firmly asked the Government and PSSI to reject the arrival of the U-20 Israel National Team to protect the dignity of the constitution, protect humanity, and maintain sanity as a civilized nation.

According to him, this firm stance was exemplified by our Proclaimer Bung Karno, who refused Israel’s participation in various sporting events in the past, such as the 1962 Asian Games, even though he had to face sanctions from the world sports federation. The boycott of the Israeli contingent has also been carried out by many countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Indonesia, and others countries as a form of rejection of colonial practices and partiality towards Palestine which has been occupied by Israel for decades.

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“Don’t let the current government set a bad precedent by allowing the presence of the colonial state to enter the territory of the Republic of Indonesia,” concluded Jazuli.